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Sodium Propionate main applications

Sodium Propionate
White crystal or crystalline powder, colorless, transparent crystals or granular crystalline powder. Odorless or slightly acid smell. Moisture in wet air easily. Melting point above 400 ℃ (decomposition). 1g Soluble in about 1mL25 ℃ water 24mL ethanol. 10% aqueous solution of pH 8.0 ~ 10.5.
Main applications:
1 in the food industry as leavening agent, dough regulator, buffer, organization improvements, curing agents, nutritional supplements, chelating agents, etc. Such as baked goods, pastries leavening agent. Bread, cakes to help open fermentation agent, buffering agent, pectin curing agent (gel effect), yeast food meat products organizations to improve agents, preservatives can be done.
2 used in brewing, increase saccharification, fermentation capacity to improve.

The chemical formula of sodium propionate C3H5O2Na
Therefore, a total of four elements (C H O Na)
Formula weight is the relative molecular mass
The formula amount is: 12 * 2 * 3 +5 +16 +5 +32 +23 +23 = 36 = 96
Atomic number is 3 +5 +2 +1 = 11

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