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Nisin basic introduction

Nisin (Nisin), also known as nisin peptide or transliteration of Ni Xin, Nisin is a peptide produced by the material, composed of 34 amino acid residues. Consumed in the human bodys physiological pH conditions and α-chymotrypsin hydrolysis into amino acids under the action soon, will not change the normal human gut flora and have emerged as other antibiotic resistance problem, but not with other antibiotics cross-resistance occurs, is an efficient, non-toxic, safe, no side effects of natural food preservatives. Can be widely used in meat products, dairy products, canned food, seafood, drinks, juice drinks, liquid eggs and egg products, spices, wine-making process, baked goods, convenience foods, incense-based fragrances, cosmetics, etc..

Appearance: white to pale yellow powder.
Biological potency ≥ 1000IU/mg.
Nisin consists of the following composition:
Milk streptavidin than 1000IU/Mg (greater than 2.5%)
Greater than 50% sodium chloride

Storage: 4-15 ℃ under cool, dry, sealed under the storage conditions, avoid direct sunlight. Shelf life of 2 years. Packaging: 500 g / sealed bag / plastic bottles; 1 * 20 bottles / box

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