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Pectin in bread baking on the application
Pectin in bread baking on the application
As the era of technological advances, the bread is not simply the flour, salt, yeast and water are mixed manufacturing. Many different types of baking ingredients are often used to improve the nature of bread. One of the most common, some are fat glyceride emulsifier. The vitamin C or its bromide and calcium will be added as a modifier. In recent years, the rapid development of the baking ingredients, some new baking ingredients gradually to be taken seriously. Enzymes used in the past few years has been taken seriously, and has a special nature and purpose of the pectic gel material has also been a large number of applications in the baking industry. This report is mainly used for special modified pectin used in the sale of bread volume and shelf time applications.
Increase the volume and other characteristics
The volume of bread has been an important indicator of quality. However, due mostly to the production of flour production as the main consideration, the quality requirements for less.
Reduce the amount of flour used
Basically, the dough is flour, water and yeast mixture. In the process of mixing the gluten flour will start to rearrange and form part of or aligned with a viscoelastic three-dimensional network structure, which is called the dough. For the dough, the scalability and expansion onset for the formation during the fermentation of dough the size of the absolute relationship.
Extend the shelf life
Affect the duration of the sale of bread rack many factors, but the most important reason is that the crystallization of starch or aging. In fact we all know, in the baked bread from the moment it began to harden, and after a few days later, most of the bread will become inedible. Changes in soft and hard bread can simply use the texture analyzer to measure, test proved that pectin can effectively extend the time of sale racks of bread, add emulsifiers and high methoxy pectin bread in the store after 6-7 days, will reach the hardness of the control group, ie, pectin can be compared with the control group to extend the five-day time frame for sale. Add pectin bread and another advantage is that in the normal time frame for sale (baking, after 2-3 days), the hardness of bread than other control group were more soft. Hardness only sell bread rack indicator of the length of time, another indicator is the freshness of bread, including bread volume, hardness, elasticity and texture.

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