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Pharmaceutical pectin and special low ester pectin

Pharmaceutical pectin
(1) Specifications: Pharmaceutical pectin
Gelation degree:> 97 degrees (US-SAG method)
:52-58% degree of esterification
Galacturonic acid> 85%
Appearance: light yellow powder
PH (1%) aqueous solution of 2.8 ± 0.2
Moisture <8%
Ash <5%
Acid-insoluble ash content <1%
Particle size <60 mesh
Sulfur dioxide <5ppm
Heavy metals <5ppm

(2), dosage information
Pectin for pharmaceutical secret, and for lowering blood sugar, blood ester, lift lead poisoning, hangover agent and health products.

Special low ester pectin
Gelation degree:> 100% (US-SAG method)
Degree of esterification: <10%
Galactose acid acid> 80%
 Appearance: light yellow powder
PH (1%) aqueous solution of> 4
Moisture <10%
Ash <5%
Particle size <60 mesh
Heavy metals <5ppm
For diapers, baby skin to protect, for wound posts, can accelerate wound healing, used in cosmetics, can UV radiation. For ink, writing fluency, stability does not precipitate.

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