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Saccharin Sodium basic properties

Saccharin Sodium is the oldest sweetener. Saccharin Sodium was discovered in 1878 by U.S. scientists, will soon be the food industry and consumer acceptance. Saccharin Sodium sweetness of sucrose 300 to 500 times, it is not absorbed by the human metabolism in a variety of food production process is very stable. The disadvantage is poor taste, there are bitter after which it has limited application.
Base name
Scientific name: O-sulfonyl imide sodium benzene
English name: Saccharin Sodium
Molecular formula: C7H4O3NSNa? 2H2O
Pinyin: táng jīng nà, lín huáng xiān běn xiān yà àn nà
Popular name: saccharin, sweet fine
CAS: 128-44-9
Chemical formula: C6H4SO2NNaCO.2H2O
Molar mass: 241.2
Category: diagnostic medicine, flavoring agent.
Storage: sealed.

Basic properties
Saccharin Sodium, also known as soluble saccharin is the sodium salt of saccharin, with two crystal water, colorless crystals or white crystalline powder slightly, generally containing two crystal water, crystal water easily lost from water saccharin, white powder, odorless or slight aroma and sour with a bitter sweet. Sweetness of sucrose is about 500 times. Heat and alkali resistance is weak, sweet heating under acidic conditions gradually disappear, the solution is greater than 0.026% is bitter.
Mesh: Domestic manufacturers of particles of the present head 4-6 mesh ,5-8 mesh ,8-12 ,8-16 mesh ,10-20 mesh ,20-40 mesh ,40-80 mesh ,80-100 mesh other specifications
Toxicity: oral LD50 in mice is 17.5g/kg weight; rabbit oral LD50 4g/kg weight; no effect in rats by oral maximum amount of 0.5g/kg. FAO / WHO (1984) Tentative: ADI is 0 ~ 0.0025g/kg weight.

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