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The invention process of Saccharin Sodium

Saccharin Sodium invention process

Peoples daily life from the regular consumption of sugar cane, sugar beet and other plants extracted. Flora sweeter than sucrose in some of the material. Country of Origin South America stevia, sugar sweet than 200 300 times; the West African tropical forest of bamboo yu, sweet fruit is 3,000 times sweeter than sucrose; Africa there is a yam vine leaves Menispermaceae, the sweetness of the fruit 90,000 times that of sucrose. But, these tens of thousands of times more sweet than sucrose substances, we rarely see. We usually use sweeter than sucrose substances are saccharin, sweet than sucrose to 500 times.
From the chemical point of view, sugar and saccharin is simply irrelevant. Only thing is the same, that is, they are a sweet. Saccharin is how it was discovered?

Fali De Do erg in the laboratory, after the gas lamps on the point, piece by piece by piece to double-check test used containers. Finally, he found sweetness comes from a neighborhood called benzene sulfonyl imide sodium chemicals.

The accidental discovery to Fali De Do erg opened up a path leading to new inventions. Since then, he focused all our energy, as one to study the coal tar extracted material. He has black, sticky, and smelly coal tar extract toluene, sulfuric acid after sulfonation, phosphorus pentachloride and ammonia treatment, and then potassium permanganate oxidation, and finally after crystallization, dehydration has been a particularly sweet white crystals. He called it "saccharine", and it measured 500 times than cane sugar to be sweet.

  Fali De Do erg immediately announced his invention and patent in the United States. 1886, this chemist moved to Germany, where he established the worlds first saccharin from coal tar refining factory. Saccharin begins into peoples lives.

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