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Sorbitol adverse reactions
Sorbitol adverse reactions
(1) Water and electrolyte imbalance. The most common.
    rapid intravenous injection of a large number of in vivo sorbitol can cause the accumulation of sorbitol, a rapid and massive increase in blood volume, leading to heart failure (especially when determined dysfunction), dilutional hyponatremia, even can cause high blood.
    inappropriate excessive urination lead to hypovolemia, increased oliguria.
(2) chills and fever.
(3) dysuria.
(4) thrombophlebitis.
(5) sorbitol extravasation can cause tissue edema, skin necrosis.
 (6) allergy skin rash, hives, difficulty breathing, anaphylactic shock.
(7), dizziness, blurred vision.
(8) hypertonic cause thirst.
(9) permeability of kidney disease, mainly seen in the high-dose rapid intravenous infusion. The mechanism is not fully understood, may lead to tubular fluid osmolality with sorbitol rise too high, resulting in renal tubular epithelial cell injury. Pathological manifestations of renal tubular epithelial cell swelling, vacuolization, the clinical emergence of decreased urine output, or even acute renal failure. Permeability of kidney disease is common in the elderly and low-sodium reduced renal blood flow, patients with dehydration.
  ① has been diagnosed with acute tubular necrosis in patients with anuria, including non-responders on the trial of sorbitol, sorbitol accumulation caused by increased blood volume, increase the burden on the heart;
  ② severe dehydration persons;
  ③ active intracranial bleeding, increased bleeding due to expansion, but other than intracranial surgery;
  ④ acute pulmonary edema, or severe lung congestion.
(1) with occasional dizziness or hematuria after emergence.
(2) heart failure, or oliguria due to dehydration caused by patients with caution.
(3) patients with active brain hemorrhage, except in surgery abroad, should not be applied.
(4) injection, if any crystallization, can be dissolved after the injection of hot water heating roll. Injection should not be too fast, otherwise, can cause headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, injection site pain. Note injection liquid can not leak blood vessels.

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