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Stevia pharmacological effects

Pharmacological effects:
1. Stevia for sugar metabolism in the composition of snake Ju acid inhibition of rat renal cortical tubular synthesis of sugar and oxygen absorption. However, Intuit and other sweet ingredients snake Ju no such effect. 16 volunteers who take Stevia leaf water extract 3d, improve glucose tolerance, blood glucose levels were significantly decreased. Daisy II glycosides inhibit the herb snake atractyloside) on energy metabolism, the role of the snake daisy herb Intuit sugar digestion, Jing Yuan gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis and oxygen uptake were reduced. In the extracellular site of action may affect the membrane transport Intuit corn.

2. Vasodilator effect on the snake or the daisy-normal renal hypertensive rats reduces blood pressure, diuretic and urinary sodium excretion, renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate, partly due to the small arteries caused. CaCl2 can be significantly reduced this vasodilation, suggesting that the snake may be a daisy Intuit calcium anti-stick agent.

3. On rat liver mitochondrial enzymes of stevia water extract inhibits the activity of these enzymes, such as oxidative phosphorylation enzyme, ATP enzyme, reduced coenzyme I (NADH) oxidase, Hu acid oxidase, succinyl deaminase, L-glutamic acid deaminase enzymes.

4. Process in vivo cardiac and pyloric ligation in rats, and under the common bile duct ligation in the duodenum and small intestine of 7cm, were injected into the 3H-Ju snake, results ligation of the stomach, duodenum, ileum 30min at 12% absorption rate , 7% and 2I%; 2h 33%, 37% and 56%; 4h on the Shi%, respectively, a large% and only 9% official. After oral administration in rats, Id excretion of urine and faeces within 61.9%, which accounted for manure 42.6%; 31d within 69.%; 31d cumulative excretion in urine and faeces for the administration of the amount of 84.7%, which accounted for 60.9% manure, the urine accounted for 23.8%. Administration of bile excretion of 6.8 volume of 0.5% soil.

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