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The main role of stevia

The main role of stevia
Stevia is a foreign "nationals", across the seas to settle in China is still very short time. Its home in South America, Paraguay, Brazils original forest hill weeds are perennial herbs. In our temperate regions, planted one can live for many years, one summer, out of patches of small white flowers, with stocks and elegant aroma. Containing in its leaves stevia glycosides in rich, purified stevia glycosides taste like sugar, but 300 times sweeter than sugar, and heat only the sugar, 1 / 300. If you pick a small piece of leaf in his mouth and chew a chewing, like eating a fragrance of white sugar.

Over the years, people used to use sugar cane and other plants to extract sugar, brown sugar, glucose. These sugar nutritious, high heat, eat some impact on health, for example, children eat more easily decay, adults eating more will cause obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes even more strictly prohibits sugar. Later, people use synthetic methods have been sweet than sugar and a few times or even hundreds of times without high-calorie sweeteners, sugar, etc. to make up for deficiencies. However, with the development of science. Saccharin has been found on the human body also has adverse effects.

The discovery and use of stevia has brought the gospel to mankind. Tests showed that not only stevia sugar has no adverse effects on the human body, on the contrary, it is also lower blood pressure, strong body, cure diseases such as urinary bran medicinal value, it not only won the "sweet world" champion, also known as "fashionable sweetener."
In addition to Stevia, but there are many plants with sweet natural substances, such as licorice root and rhizome sugar sweet than 200 ~ 250 times glycyrrhizin, corn cob and sugar can be extracted as sweet xylitol ... ... are low-calorie sweeteners, yet people continue to develop and use.

Stevia has also developed into a combination with sea buckthorn and other traditional Chinese medicine decoction is used to reduce the bitter taste of the medicine companion. And will not cause blood sugar.

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