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Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose main purpose
The main purpose
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is the production of cellulose ethers in the largest, most widely used and most convenient to use the product, commonly known as "industrial MSG."
1, for oil and gas drilling, wells and other projects
① slurry containing CMC can form a thin wall strong, low permeability filter cake, so to reduce water loss.
② added to the CMC in the mud, drilling rig can be a low initial gel strength, so easy to let the mud wrap on the inside of the gas, while the debris quickly abandoned in the pit.
③ drilling mud and other suspended dispersion, as the existence of a certain period, after adding CMC to make it stable and to extend the lifespan.
④ slurry containing CMC little affected by the mold, so the requirement to maintain a high PH value, do not use preservatives.
⑤ with CMC as a flushing fluid drilling mud treatment agent, a variety of soluble salts can be anti-pollution.
⑥ slurry containing CMC, good stability, even if the temperature is above 150 ℃ still reduce water loss.
High viscosity, high degree of substitution of CMC for the smaller mud density, low viscosity, high degree of substitution of CMC for density of the mud. CMC should be based on selection of mud type and region, to determine the depth of different conditions.
2, for the textile, textile printing and dyeing industry as sizing agent to CMC for cotton, silky, chemical fiber, blended and other strong materials veil sizing;
3, for the paper industry in the CMC can be used in the paper industry paper smoothing agent, sizing agent. In the pulp by adding 0.1% to 0.3% of the CMC can enhance the tensile strength of paper 40% to 50%, 50% degree of compression fracture, kneading was increased 4-5 times.
4, CMC added synthetic detergent can be used as dirt absorbent; daily chemical industry, such as toothpaste, toothpaste for CMC aqueous solution of glycerin gum base; pharmaceutical industry as a thickener and emulsifier; CMC aqueous tackifier for use as floating dressing and so on.
5, for the ceramic industry in the rough to do the adhesives, plasticizers, glaze suspension, fixing agent. 6, used in construction, improve water retention and strength
7, for the food industry, food industry with high degree of CMC replacement for ice cream, canned food, fast cooking of the thickener, beer foam stabilizer in the processing of jam, syrup, sherbet, dessert, ice cream, drinks, etc. do as thickener, binder, or due to shape agent.
8, the pharmaceutical industry for the selection of the appropriate viscosity CMC tablet binders, disintegrating agents, suspension of the suspending agent.

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