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Barley green powder on the body's functions

Barley green powder on the bodys functions
Barley green powder on the human body has the following several features:
  1 basic health care, strengthening the foundation is the source.
Barley green powder, 200 kinds of rich nutrients the body needs, a comprehensive and balanced cellular nutrition, regulate the bodys pH. For cell vitality and accelerate self-healing rate, strengthening the immune system, strengthen our foundation is the source, rehabilitation disease. For stomach upset, constipation, gastritis, prostatitis, insomnia and other symptoms of sub a good improvement in results.

  2 preventive and rehabilitative modern disease, regulate blood lipids.
  Barley green powder rich in active ingredients of modern rehabilitation for the prevention of disease, a comprehensive regulation of lipid effects. 100 of which contained a variety of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other alkyl group and 26 active ingredients synergistic effect on fat metabolism problems caused by high cholesterol, hypertension, fatty liver, obesity, high blood clots, heart and brain disease have excellent rehabilitation results.

  3 anti-aging and promote younger organs.
  Barley green powder is rich in antioxidant nutrients, extraordinary levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD enzyme), vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene, also contains 70 kinds of minerals, plant flavonoids, hydrogen peroxide enzyme, and so on. Can be powerful free radical degradation, cell senescence, and promote organ younger, thereby enhancing the bodys vitality, and promote a variety of chronic diseases and complications of the rehabilitation.
"Barley is the worlds only tender shoots of a single primary source, the body can provide the richest and most balanced nutrients - meaning Japans Ogihara, MD show."

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