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The origin and development of barley green powder
Barley green powder of origin and development
The history of barley green powder
As early as 1300 years ago, Sun Ssu Tang doctors would have recognized the tender shoots of barley juice health effects, and applied to medical practice. At that time Shandong, Henan, Qin, Jin and so the plague epidemic, Sun Ssu boil water with barley leaves, accompanied by dates, Immunotoxin very effective solution, saving countless. 400 years ago, Li in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," which documented the tender shoots of barley to treat lung cancer, pulmonary diseases, especially for skin whitening, delicate, tender and has a positive effect. At that time, the limitations of peoples thinking, no technical production process and other reasons, tender shoots of winter barley (barley green powder raw material) is not recognized by everyone.
Barley green powder of the West found
The late 1980s, a Japanese show righteousness Ogihara, MD, Laboratory of mercury poisoning due to ill, Dr. Di show the original meaning of the company was producing 100 kinds of medicines, synthetic chemicals in the process, he exposed a lot more organic mercury. Just a few months, Dr. Di show the original meaning lost its former glory, his hair turned white, tooth loss, is very old, sick, was simply hopeless. Helpless, he remembered the ancient Chinese herbal medicine. He was convinced that nature will give him the opportunity to extend life, so he began to look for and try to broaden the scope. With rigorous and inspired scientists, 1,000 kinds of plants in repeated studies, and finally found a growth in the winter season with dark green veins tender shoots of barley, with very rich in nutrients, but also with a variety of nutrient balance, and with the activity of many enzymes and chlorophyll, is the worlds only single primary source, the body can provide the richest and most balanced nutrients. He drank several cups tender shoots of winter barley juice, a miracle just happened. His organic mercury poisoning symptoms improved, gradually black hair, red and exposed on the face, the disease retreated. He finally got a thorough health.

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