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Barley green powder processing
Barley green powder processing
1 cleaning materials
After the tender shoots of winter barley harvest through three cleaning processes, artificial three cleaning, mechanical bubbling cleaning, spray cleaning. Tender shoots of winter barley to ensure full compliance with national health and safety regulations.
2 packaging materials
Tender shoots of winter barley after cleaning using special bags, and other debris to prevent fertilizer bags, packaging bags meet the requirements of GB9687.
3 raw material transport
After bagging the tender shoots of winter barley determined by the designated vehicle transport, transport hygiene, not with toxic and hazardous materials mix, mixed transport.
4 cell wall
The use of national patent technology of complete cell wall technology, full access to winter barley tender shoots of the activity of intracellular nutrients. This barley green powder for the manufacture of the core technologies.
5 dry at room temperature
National patent technology at room temperature using an instant vacuum distillation drying technology, the essence of the tender shoots of winter barley in the reaction temperature is 37-38 ℃, instantaneous drying under vacuum into a dark green powder, full hundred times to retain and concentrate the tender shoots of winter barley nutritional essence. This is another barley green powder core technology.
6 barley green powder storage
Has completed the processing of extracted barley green powder into the constant temperature for storage, the conditions must be met:
① cold storage temperature of 5-12 degrees Celsius Control
② cold storage to control the humidity ≤ 40%

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