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Rosemary extract and its pharmacological effects

Rosemary extract and its pharmacological effects

Rosemary alias tansy, rosemary is Labiatae species, origin of the Mediterranean region, is perennial, with long, straight stems, stems studded with long narrow pointed shape of the leaves. The leaf is dark green above, below the silver-gray leaves. Are now grown in many parts of the world, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1981, where Chinas Guizhou plant successfully carried out introduction.

Rosemary spice widely used in food, beverages and cosmetics. In the private sector, as renal colic and dysmenorrhea, stop cramps, regulation of breathing disorders and to stimulate hair growth drugs. Recent studies show that rosemary extract and its antioxidant polyphenolic compounds and antibacterial effect, can alleviate and tracheal smooth muscle and intestinal muscle, and can promote bile secretion, liver protection and anti-tumor effect. Rosemary extract demonstrated a high degree of free radical scavenging activity, an important component of total caffeic acid and other derivatives such as rosmarinic acid. These compounds have good anti-oxidation. To be sure, rosemary and its compounds, especially caffeic acid derivatives such as rosmarinic acid in the treatment and prevention of bronchial asthma, cramps, ulcers, inflammation, liver poisoning, arteriosclerosis, myocardial lack of hyperlipidemia, cataract , cancer, and sperm have a weak power therapeutic potential.

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