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Antioxidant ingredients of rosemary extract

Antioxidant ingredients
Rosemary extract is extracted from rosemary plants with antioxidant activity of a substance consisting of a mixture. Industrial production of rosemary extract mainly based on the quality indicators to measure the content of active ingredient , and our rosemary extract industry-standard drafting are being conducted.

Literature data indicate that rosemary extract antioxidant mainly terpenes, phenols and acids. The study also found that rosemary in different environmental conditions, different growth stages, the antioxidant active ingredients and effectiveness of the change. The HPLC method of rosemary extracts were isolated 27 compounds, 22 compounds qualitatively. Divided into three categories:
 1) phenolic acids: vanillic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid and rosmarinic acid;
 2) two terpenes: carnosol, rosemary dialdehyde, carnosic acid, rat tail acid methyl ester, rosemary phenols, phenol rosemary table, table table rosemary rosemary phenol ether and phenol ether;
 3) flavonoids: hesperetin, apigenin, genkwanin, 4,7 - two methoxy chrysin, thistle Flavin, 4,5,7,8 - tetrahydroxy flavone, high front glycosides, 6 - hydroxy luteolin -7-- glucosidase, etc. Experimental results show that the anti-oxidation, with a high activity of extracts typically contain the following eight compounds, which are carnosol, rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid, caffeic acid, phenol rosemary, rosemary, two aldehydes, genkwanin and thistle flavin. Wang in and other reports carnosol, rosemary and rosemary dialdehyde phenol as the main antioxidant active ingredients, and their differences in the effectiveness of anti-oxidant and free radical capture much information. Chen Meiyun  that the high oil-soluble rosemary antioxidants as bisphenol type diterpenes, carnosol, carnosic acid, rosemary phenol, ursolic acid is the main active ingredient. Dong Wenbin so that the antioxidant chemical composition is mainly terpenoids, flavonoids and rosmarinic acid composition of about 12 known species, of which the main component of terpene phenolic diterpenes, including rosemary phenol, carnosol and some derivatives.

Almela L, etc. and other studies of different materials (wild, farmed, and after the extraction of oil by-products) in extracts of rosemary antioxidant that two kinds of the most powerful antioxidants: rosemary acid and carnosic acid by the raw material, drying and distillation process, the greatest impact, while the wild fresh grass extract antioxidant activity and the δ-pure antioxidant vitamin E is not the same.

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