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Rosemary extracts application in the field of cosmetics

Rosemary extracts application in the field of cosmetics

Rosemary extracts in cosmetics has unlimited use of the same field. It is the superior oxidation resistance as well as natural, non-toxic side effects and other advantages of the human body, today in advocating green to get peoples attention. Rosemary has a number of international patent cosmetics, rosemary extract has long been widely used in skin care products, shampoo, perfume, etc. into.

Rosemary extract has convergence, can tighten skin. Cosmetics can be used to promote the skins blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels contraction and expansion. It can also remove the body of free radicals and inhibit the degradation of human elastin, which can maintain the skins elasticity and shine. Because of its repair, powerful functions and easily absorbed moisturizing benefits, also to improve the skin dry, rough, peeling and other issues. In addition, because of rosemary extract contains the active ingredient rosmarinic acid can inhibit the activity of hyaluronidase, hyaluronic acid in the epidermal cells to maintain long-standing, thus helping to prevent the invasion of microorganisms and toxic substances the proliferation of the epidermis. Rosemary can play the kinds of anti-infective properties, and enhance the skin on the outside sun, changes in temperature and humidity resistance and so exciting, so it can also be used sunscreen, Cream and other products to protect sensitive, delicate skin free by UV, computer radiation damage. In summary, the rosemary extract is an excellent additive in cosmetics. The products are used in cosmetics can play to the stain, anti-oxidation, increase skin elasticity, anti-aging effect. Effect with the rage of the SOD (superoxide dismutase) comparable to, and overcome the physical and chemical properties of enzymes such as SOD unstable weaknesses. Rosemary has the stimulus features, but also promote scalp blood circulation, improve the hair in order to reduce the incidence of dandruff and stimulate hair growth, moisturize the hair, it is also being used in shampoo and hair care products.

Rosemary essential oil for its fragrant, with a strong penetrating power, and is often used to make perfume. At the same time it can also aromatherapy, massage, bubble bath using shower gel and can be added to them. In the amount of oil added to base oil, gently massage the fat parts of the body, can converge, a solid skin and improve shape. Bath, aromatherapy bath water or perfume when the liquid in the trickle-down amount of rosemary essential oil, and with the massage, to promote blood circulation, improve skin texture while people relieve tension, boost morale.

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