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The role of wheat germ oil

The role of wheat germ oil
Powerful antioxidants to prevent fat compounds, vitamin A, selenium (Se), two kinds of sulfur amino acids and vitamin C oxidation to protect cell membranes, blood vessels, heart, skin, eyes, liver and breast and other tissues against free radicals harm

Delay cell aging due to oxidation, the capacity to maintain youthful attitude, anti-aging and prevention of many chronic diseases such as breast cancer, cancer, cardiovascular disease

To prevent the bodys vitamin A, C and lipid oxidation, to resist air pollution, protect the lungs

Protect the skin from UV rays and pollution damage

Vitamin E is an important vasodilator and anti-clotting agents, wound healing can be accelerated to speed up

Prevent blood clotting

Reduce fatigue

Is localized trauma for external use (which can be absorbed through the skin) and internal medicine may apply to prevent scarring

Accelerate the rehabilitation of burns

To the role of diuretics to lower blood pressure

To prevent miscarriage

Help to reduce foot and leg cramps and stiff conditions

Reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease

Nutrition hair root follicles, so hair is glossy black, not falling, easily broken and split ends

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