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Wheat germ oil FAQs

Wheat germ oil FAQs
1 Why is wheat germ oil is high purity vitamin E?
(1) containing the full price of vitamin E: the α, β, γ, δ are four types are available.
(2) where α high vitamin E content, easily absorbed, the strongest activity.

2 The main role of wheat germ oil What?
(1) to prevent dark spots and pigmentation;
(2) to promote the skin moisturizing, skin moist;
(3) anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging skin.

3 Wheat Germ Oil freckle, wrinkle-free primary mechanism?
(1) regulation of the endocrine, skin pigment excretion to restore function and prevent spots appear;
(2) to promote skin metabolism, promote aging of skin renewal;
(3) with the antioxidant vitamin E to reduce the generation of lipid peroxidation, moisturizing capabilities increase.

4 there is no side-effects of wheat germ
Wheat germ oil as a nutritional supplement can be taken continuously for six months, but remember not to excess, if over-taking, no matter how good things are possible adverse reactions. However, no specific effect of wheat germ oil also depends on body type, each persons body is different, most of which pin piles physical development, but a small part of a special body for the crowd, the effect may not be so obvious.

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