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The difference of wheat germ oil and ordinary vitamin E

The difference of wheat germ oil and ordinary vitamin E
Wheat germ oil is the process of growing wheat, sprouting through embryonic development, and then grow into seedlings sprouting in wheat embryos to the week, with high-tech low-temperature method derives from it. Wheat germ oil contains not only high purity vitamin E, also contains B vitamins, minerals and trace elements, is a natural nutritional food.

Ordinary vitamin E is mainly synthesized chemicals separated, not only contains a variety of additives, and a single component.

Nutrition knowledge
Wheat, the relative concentration of major nutrients in the seed bit - wheat germ, containing 30% protein and essential amino acids, and vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin E, also contains many minerals and trace elements. From 1,000 kg of wheat in order to extract 1 kg of wheat germ oil, wheat germ oil so there are "liquid gold", its natural vitamin E content of various vegetable oil ranks first, physical activity is the highest kind.

Wheat germ oil can effectively promote skin metabolism, strengthen the skin moisturizing, conditioning womens endocrine, and thus improve the skin from the inside out to reduce dark spots and pigmentation, skin aging and to enhance anti-wrinkle moisturizing, skin, women become soft and elastic.

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