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No residual soy lecithin

No residual soy lecithin
There are various processes soy lecithin, soy lecithin without residue refers to the use of pure physical production process of production, do not use organic solvents to remove material in the oil, and soybean lecithin produced. Must be used throughout the entire production process physically, do not use organic solvents can be called "no residual soy lecithin," such as organic solvent extraction with acetone, and then use other processes to remove acetone and lecithin products, due to unavoidable theres still residual, it can not be called "no residual soy lecithin granules."
Currently soybean oil in the production process will be removed from the crude oil extraction process are acetone and low temperature ultrafiltration two processes.

Obtained using acetone extraction process soybean lecithin as the reason, will contain residual organic solvent acetone. However, acetone extraction method for the production process is simple, low cost, less equipment investment, is the vast majority of soy lecithin products used in the process.

Physical methods such as ultrafiltration using low-temperature production of soy lecithin granules, the process does not add acetone and other organic solvents, no no residue, so use a process of production of soy lecithin capsules and particles into soybean residue-free eggs phospholipids. Low temperature ultrafiltration currently part of the U.S. companys patented technology, only a few companies to obtain production licenses, there is currently no residual soy lecithin granules less.

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