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The role of soy lecithin
The role of soy lecithin
Soy lecithin is extracted from soybean essence of the material. Is one of the human body needs lipids, the main role is to:
1, anti-aging
Constitute the bodys cells have 60 trillion billion. A second die 500 000, while renewable 500,000. With age, the number of cell death will increase, and regeneration of cells is less and less. When the reproduction number is greater than the number of cell death, people began to senile. Cell metabolism is regulated by the cell membrane, the health of cell membranes is directly related to the cells self-repair capabilities, messaging capabilities, the ability to withstand external abuse, cell activity and regeneration capability. Cell membrane is mainly composed of lecithin, lecithin added to the body, it means that you can salvage the damaged cell membrane and improve cell membrane function, the cell membrane softening and younger, increase cell activity. By lecithin intake, can improve the bodys metabolism, self-healing capabilities and anti-tissue regeneration, and enhance the bodys vitality, fundamentally anti-human aging.
2, vascular scavenger, preventing cardiovascular disease
Lecithin can emulsify, break down fat, can attach to the vessel wall into cholesterol and fat emulsion particles, so that dissolved in the blood returned to the liver and is metabolized. Play soften blood vessels, improving serum lipid, clear the role of peroxides in the blood cholesterol and fat content decreased, thereby reducing blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, reduce fat in the blood vessels within the residence time. Furthermore, the nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood sufficient, unimpeded flow to the brain, heart and other organs. Japans Keio University School of Medicine Department of Food and Nutrition has done clinical trials, and concluded that: by taking lecithin, can effectively reduce high blood fat and cholesterol, and thus prevention of coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral haemorrhage , atherosclerosis and other diseases.
3, brain puzzle, preventing Alzheimers disease
Lecithin for brain cells to provide adequate nourishment, so that the transmission of information between the brain faster, thereby increasing brain activity, elimination of brain fatigue, brain, quick thinking, learning and work to improve efficiency. Lecithin in repairing damaged brain cells, open up the barrier between the brain and the blood circulation at the same time, can maintain the normal function of brain cells and enhance the function of brain systems, and thus to prevent the effects of senile dementia.

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