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Three optional note of choose soy lecithin
Three optional note of choose soy lecithin
Many brands on the market lecithin health care products, many consumers will find it difficult to choose, how to buy high quality products is everyones concern.
First look at the concentration of: soy lecithin products available in the market for the capsules and granules, of which the capsule-based. Capsule concentration of low lecithin content of about 60% lower, the main active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (PC) content of about 15.7%. High particle concentration, lecithin about 97% lower, the main active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (PC) content of about 24%. The concentration of soy lecithin granules is 161.7 times the soft capsule. Therefore, the cost is, much better than soy lecithin soft capsule.
Second look at security: high cholesterol is a chronic disease, requiring long-term control of blood products to take, side effects or if the product contains hazardous substances will accumulate in the body, enlarged. Soy lecithin soft capsule contains 25% -35% of soybean oil, while the shape of capsules made to maintain liquidity and added into the gelatin, glycerin and other food additives, and particles containing less than 3% soybean oil, soybean oil and glycerin intake of these fats may increase high blood fat people in this heavy load on the body. Therefore, in security on the particles are generally better in soft gelatin capsules.
By contrast concentration and security, we can see, soy lecithin granules are better than soft capsules, then is not all soy lecithin granules can be rest assured to buy it, of course not!
In todays increasingly serious food safety, food additives, organic solvents and heavy metals increasingly threatening our lives, so we have a look at the third point - whether there is residual, add. We are the best choice for "no residual soy lecithin granules."

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