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Soybean lecithin production process

Soybean lecithin production process

Soybean lecithin are cold acetone extraction and ultrafiltration extraction of two production processes.

Acetone extraction method: the use of organic solvents acetone, to remove the fat soy lecithin raw materials, used in the production process due to the organic solvents acetone, so inevitably there is the residual organic solvents acetone and acetone residual organic solvent in order to cover up the color and taste, will add bleaching agents, flavoring agents and flavor, these lecithin granules color white. In addition, for the particles to improve liquidity, adding the synthetic lubricant and glidant granulating agent. However, because the acetone extraction process is simple, low cost, has been the vast majority of enterprises are still using the technology.

Low temperature ultrafiltration process: a new type of purely physical extraction process, in dozens of low-temperature and atmospheric pressure conditions, the soybean lecithin raw materials by ultra-fine filter, the oil will be relatively small volume filtered, leaving lecithin. Production process does not require organic solvents to eliminate the residual organic solvents, and because low-temperature protection, biological activity and have great taste improvement.

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