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Soy lecithin soft capsule buy

Soy lecithin soft capsule buy
Point 1: pay attention to whether the Ministry of Health Lecithin soft capsule of health food approval number or mark.
Point 2: Lecithin soft capsule should pay attention to the validity of the summer have to be careful.
Point 3: see lecithin soft gel capsule seal is intact. As lecithin soft capsule not heat sealed over the validity or bad packaging, ingredients, its effect will be greatly reduced.
Point 4: see product color and shape. The best product is lecithin extracted from the egg, but the price is higher; many of the current commercially available soybean lecithin soft capsule or soy most of the scraps from the quality varies, the price is relatively cheap. High-quality soy lecithin soft capsule type of health products should be brown, clear, transparent, no sediment or impurities, capsule smooth, if there was a slight adhesions between the capsule, shake slightly to separate. If you open the package and found the bottle of liquid leakage, or capsule particles stick together, can not completely separate phenomena or drawing, the lecithin product belongs to the inferior products.

Instances of the use
Soy-based lecithin helps the skin surface of a membrane, can effectively reduce the external things of the principle of skin irritations. Run by the depth of pro-found experts, cosmetic skin nutrition, is caused by "skin oxidation" of the important reasons. If nutrients can not be completely absorbed by the skin, then it will become a breeding ground for the growth of parasitic bacteria, and a lot of bacteria can lead to skin infections. Soy lecithin has the effect of percutaneous absorption, skin care products can women run in the pro-active ingredients to quickly penetrate and improve its absorption in the tissue, so that the effectiveness of various active ingredients into full play.

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