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Physiological functions of soybean lecithin

Soy lecithin is extracted from high-quality soy lecithin, contains choline, vitamins, minerals, linolenic acid and sub-linolenic acid and other ingredients, which choline is an essential nutrient.

Physiological functions of soybean lecithin:
1, the blood vessels of the "scavenger", soy lecithin emulsified, the role of decomposition of oil, can improve serum lipids, lower blood viscosity, lower blood cholesterol and neutral fat content, and promote atherosclerotic plaque dissipated to prevent intimal injury. 2, brain puzzle, preventing Alzheimers, soy lecithin can slow memory loss, prevent or delay the occurrence of senile dementia.
3, diabetes nutrition, lack of soybean lecithin decreased function of the pancreas will not secrete sufficient insulin, can not effectively transport blood glucose into cells, which is one of the basic reasons leading to diabetes.
4, the protector of the liver, fat emulsifying properties of soybean lecithin, with prevention of fatty liver, liver damage repair role of alcoholism. At the same time, its also promote liver regeneration, and help restore liver function.
5, to prevent and resolve gallstones, cholesterol and bilirubin deposition is the formation of the foundation stones, gallstones composed of cholesterol by 90%, the emulsification of lecithin to prevent its deposition, so that the bile cholesterol to maintain liquid .
6 to ease the long-term smoking-induced lung dryness, chest tightness, soy lecithin has good water holding capacity, make the drying due to smoking and increasing alveolar absorption of water, bring enough oxygen, so as to reduce a dry cough, chest tightness, and so on.
7, prevent constipation, phospholipid activation of cell function can promote colonic motility, and promote the smooth flow of the capillary, the wall of water sent to lubricate intestines, soften stool.

Identification of soybean lecithin products: high-quality health care products like soy lecithin capsule is brown, clear, transparent, no sediment or impurities, capsule smooth, if slightly between the particles and particle adhesion, a little shake to separate normal the phenomenon.

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