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Health effects of soybean lecithin
Health effects of soybean lecithin
Protein known as soy lecithin, vitamin tied "third nutrients." However, people who really understand the little soy lecithin, lecithin is only a few people in China enjoy the "noble food." In developed countries, lecithin has become a very popular nutritional foods. It is said that Americans now have to spend a lecithin even cooking, cook the rice grains full, crystal clear, fragrance overflow of people. So, what are lecithin health functions?
First, the protector of the liver
Choline phospholipids have an affinity for fat, if the lack of choline in vivo, it will affect fat metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of fat in the liver, fatty liver and even the formation of swelling and inflammation. Lecithin not only can prevent fatty liver, but also promote liver regeneration, while phospholipids may reduce serum cholesterol levels and help prevent cirrhosis of liver function recovery.
Second, diabetes nutrition
Insufficient pancreatic function decline lecithin will not secrete sufficient insulin, can not effectively transport glucose into the blood cells, which is one of the basic reasons leading to diabetes. Such as daily consumption of 20 grams or more of lecithin, the restoration of diabetes is quite remarkable. Many patients even do not have to inject insulin. Especially for diabetic gangrene and other complications in patients with atherosclerosis is more effective.
Third, the blood vessels of the "scavenger"
Emulsified with lecithin, the role of decomposition of oil, can improve blood circulation, improve serum lipids, remove peroxides in the blood cholesterol and neutral fat content decreased, reducing the fat in the blood vessel wall residence time, and promote atherosclerotic plaque dissipation and prevent blood vessels from cholesterol-induced intimal injury. Taking lecithin for high cholesterol and high cholesterol have a significant effect, which can prevent and treat atherosclerosis.
Fourth, fetal, infant neurological development of the necessities
Under normal circumstances, pregnant womens amniotic fluid contains large amounts of lecithin. Human brain cells are about 15 billion, of which 70% early in utero has been formed. In order to promote the healthy development of fetal brain cells, pregnant women get enough lecithin is very important. Infant and early childhood development is the most critical period of brain formation, lecithin can contribute to brain systems and brain volume growth, and development. Therefore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations must be added to infant formula in the lecithin.

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