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Mechanism of soybean lecithin
Mechanism of soybean lecithin
1. Mechanism of action of the liver: composition of cell membrane phospholipids is the (membrane, nuclear membrane, mitochondrial membrane) lipid bilayer of the basic skeleton, but also constitutes a major component of lipoproteins, phospholipids is therefore necessary for the body, commonly known as essential phospholipids . Soybean lecithin in the body able to complete the form and the molecules of liver cell membrane damage, repair damaged liver cell membrane and promote regeneration. Soybean lecithin in the liver can also be emulsified fat into the blood into small particles, soy lecithin and liver cell membrane repair the liver to digest fat in the dual role of fatty liver effect is more obvious.   
2. The role of vascular mechanisms: phospholipids in fat and cholesterol transport. Low plasma phospholipids, the cholesterol / lecithin ratio increased, there deposition of cholesterol atherosclerosis, it has anti-phospholipid role of hypercholesterolemia. If daily doses of 5-7 grams of soy lecithin, 2-4 consecutive months can significantly reduce cholesterol, relieve high blood caused by a variety of discomfort, the treatment of high blood cholesterol, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis has a significant effect.
3. Mechanism of action of the nervous system: the brain is composed of phospholipids and essential components of nerve cells. Studies have shown that patients with mental disorders, brain cells in phospholipid content is only half the normal. After taking soy lecithin, choline generated after in vivo hydrolysis, glycerol phospholipids and fatty acids. Choline in the body to continue into acetylcholine, a substance with renewed vigor role. Therefore, often taking soy lecithin can improve brain function and neurochemistry of human function, slowing the degradation and death of brain cells, enhancing physical and memory. Phospholipids with while the internal structure of the nerve cells the role of vigorous growth, therefore, be applied to improve neurasthenia phospholipids and reduce neurological disorder symptoms.

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