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Soy protein isolate market prospects
Soy protein isolate market prospects
With scientific and technological level, soy protein separation and purification technology is a breakthrough, the market has been able to produce soy protein isolate, its more than 90% protein content, a low-fat cholesterol-free protein purification, water with high power, high-power oil and high gel characteristics, are widely used in processed meat products, such as processing of sausages, ham and other products, it has to increase the protein content of meat food products, increase nutrition, reduce costs, enhance the taste and flexibility to extend the shelf life and so . Irrigation system in the food industry of meat (ham), soy protein isolate has become an irreplaceable food additives.
Soy protein products have been widely used in China mainly in the production of ham, and in other countries, particularly developed countries, the application can be extended to other food industries. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved soy health food, that eating 25 grams of soy protein a day of low-fat foods can significantly reduce cholesterol cause coronary heart disease. British scholars study suggests that, when the average intake of soy protein and 25 grams or 50 grams, it is estimated can reduce serum cholesterol concentrations were 8.9 or 17.4 mg / 100 ml, while the initial serum cholesterol value> 250 mg / 100 ml of patients will have a more significant results. In November 2000, the American Heart Association recommends that daily per capita intake of soy protein, 50 grams, can reduce the incidence of heart disease, soy protein has a dual function of nutrition and health, soy protein isolate a wide range of applications.
At present, Chinas few manufacturers of soy protein isolate production, output 80,000 tons. Able to produce soy protein isolate to enterprises of Jilin Fuji Protein Corporation, DuPont Yunmeng American Protein Co., Ltd. and Daqing Sun Moon Star Protein Co., Ltd. won day and so on. According to the "China Food Industry," 15 "and the 2010 development plan proposals," the national meat processing products in 2005 will reach 70 million tonnes of production by 10% of the ham, add soy protein isolate basic amount calculated at 5%, only This requires a year, about 300,000 tons of soy protein isolate, the demand in other areas not included, the numbers are quite large.
Food industry is a sunrise industry will never decline, consumption of industrial products as food, in national economic development in a larger coefficient of elasticity of demand, the food industry to keep pace with GDP growth will increase. With the life of our people off to a more comfortable life transition, soybean intensive processing industries - especially protein isolate industry, is evergreen with broad prospects for development of industry.
From a global analysis, peoples living standards and a gradual increase in consumer attitudes and quality of food and nutritional requirements are getting higher and higher levels, the daily diet has changed. Shift from subsistence-based high-quality, gentrification, high protein, low fat, low calorie, deep processing of soybean protein food demand is very strong, isolated soy protein very broad market prospects.

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