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Soy protein isolate production new technology

Soy protein isolate production new technology
Soy protein isolate production for the domestic situation and technical problems in national soybean intensive processing by the research center of the successful "soy protein isolate production of new technology" has the following characteristics:

First, all domestic equipment, the use of high-frequency technology to make biodegradable products meet international standards in China for the first time that protein purity ≥ 90%, nsi values ≤ 90%.

Second, the separation of Chinas past, only pay attention to the main plant protein products protein isolate production, processing of the potential value of waste (such as the Yuba, oil foot, waste, waste water) is not generally deep processing, new processing technology using biodegradable Yuba fast-food boxes; foot oil production using modified phospholipids; yeast production using single-cell vaccination residue complete feed; use of wastewater inoculated photosynthetic bacteria produce photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer. Utilization of the results can decline 30-40% protein isolate costs.

Third, the new technology according to different food requirements for different modification, production of specific functional soy protein isolate.

For example:
1, Northeast produced flour, generally low gluten content, wet gluten content of not less than 28% of the flour to make bread. High frequency of modified soy protein isolate, by 3% added to the northeast flour, flour wet gluten content were increased to 35% can significantly improve the bread, bread made ​​from food quality and extent of, and may increase the production rate 8 -10%.

2, add the meat used for the separation of proteins, gel requires a good value, by the flash modification of soy protein isolate gels value ≥ 16mm, used for sausage processing, can improve quality, increase flexibility, improve the production rate 5-8%.

3, the use of enzyme modification can improve the separation of protein foaming, add in the cake production, can increase the volume of 3-5%.

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