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Isolated soy protein in dairy applications

Isolated soy protein in dairy applications

Soy protein is a high-quality nutrients, the nutritional value of animal protein equivalent in reducing cholesterol in the body, it is far less animal protein. Nutritional intake of residents in accordance with national requirements, nutritional intake of residents in the future in the soy protein intake accounted for a large proportion. The combination of soy protein and milk is the most economical and reasonable manner and consistent with nutritional requirements, we have reason to believe that this "dual protein" into millions of households will become a trend.

Soy protein isolate is how to add milk to make a brief introduction, after protease hydrolysis of soy protein, soy protein long-chain shorter, reducing soybean protein gel of the inherent, structural organization, so that a significant reduction in viscosity, increased hydrophilicity of soy protein and dispersion. This would solve the problem of water-soluble soybean protein, facilitates us to drink. Soy protein can be added directly to the dilution of the drink a little milk, in addition, milk can be processed, adding soy protein, and milk and other additives, a spray-dried, instant milk formula made, easy to carry and drink. You can also make yogurt, soy protein are added, the fermentation by lactic acid bacteria, make nutritious, health effects of soy milk, yogurt significantly.

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