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Fumaric acid preparation and use

There are several methods of industrial production of fumaric acid. The main source of benzene in the presence of a catalyst (or butene) oxidation of maleic acid (or maleic anhydride), and then derived by isomerization. Benzene (or 80% of butene) and excess air in a fluidized bed or fixed bed reactor for oxidation reaction of maleic anhydride, the acid is absorbed into the circulation maleic acid. And then filtered through bleaching, maleic acid in thiourea catalyst under isomerization reaction by filtration, washing, drying derived fumaric acid. Isomerization catalyst is also used ammonium persulfate - a mixture of bromide or metal salts, amine salts, thiols, and 10-20% hydrochloric acid. Carbohydrates such as sucrose, glucose, maltose fermentation by the black root can also be obtained fumaric acid. Fermentation method using sugar, 1t consumption of food products to be 8t, the economy is very uneconomical, domestic research in order to replace the food fermentation liquid paraffin to C16-C18 wax content more fluid as the carbon source, after 80-88h fermentation, liquid wax conversion rate of about 50% extraction rate of 50% or more. Law to furfural furfural as raw material, sodium chlorate oxidation.

Fumaric acid for the production of unsaturated polyester resins, such resins are characterized by good chemical resistance, heat resistance or; fumaric acid and vinyl acetate copolymer is a good adhesive, and styrene copolymer is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, fumaric acid obtained by the non-toxic plasticizer can be used for food contact vinyl acetate emulsion. The product is a medical and optical bleaching agents fine chemicals intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry for the detoxification of drugs dimercaptosuccinic acid production, the use of fumaric acid and sodium carbonate, sodium fumarate is obtained ( [17013-01-3]), and then be replaced with ferrous sulfate iron fumarate, is a type of anemia, red blood cells for the treatment of small drug-rich blood iron. The product as a food additive - sour agent for soft drinks, fruit sugar, jelly, ice cream, sour agent and citric acid, and most use, fumaric acid and sodium hydroxide made monosodium salt, also used as a sour flavoring, also used as synthetic resin, mordant intermediates.

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