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Potassium carbonate production methods

Potassium carbonate production methods
Potash production of ash method, Lv Bulan, electrolysis, ion exchange method. Common is electrolysis and ion exchange. Ash method is the oldest method, the shell from a variety of plants (such as cotton seed, tea seed shell, Kiriko shell, sunflower shell) firing the ash extract. Ash contains potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride or other soluble salts, by precipitation, filtration methods can be separated. This method is low due to product quality, not the economy, and by the limited sources of raw materials and rarely used. Lv Bulan method is the potassium sulfate and coal, lime, reduction roasting, was black and gray (including potassium, calcium sulfide burning material), after leaching, filtration, evaporation, carbonation, get potassium bicarbonate, and then by filtering, calcining the products. This method is long due process and other reasons have been replaced by other methods.

Electrolysis is obtained by electrolysis of potassium chloride solution of potassium hydroxide, carbon dioxide in the carbonation carbonation tower. After evaporation of multi-effect evaporator, filtered potassium bicarbonate, and then calcined product were. This method is easy to get because of raw materials, utilization of high potassium, no waste produced and widely used, but more power.

Ion-exchange method using cation exchange resin is exchanged with potassium chloride. Potassium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate and then eluted into a dilute solution, the multi-effect evaporation, carbonation, crystallization, separation, calcination the products. This method is the product of good quality, short process for small-scale production.

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