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Application Fields of potassium carbonate

Application Fields
Industry for the manufacture of inorganic potassium sodium tartrate, potassium aluminum fluoride, potassium thiocyanate, titanium dioxide. Pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of long-acting sulfonamides, progesterone, cortisone, to know A to Seoul, estradiol benzoate and other drugs. Glass enamel powder for the preparation of sugar industry, to enhance its leveling, adding glass flux in the role play and increase the transparency and refractive index of glass. Dye industry for the manufacture of Yin Lin Dan soil, disperse red 3B, M, to restore gray. Printing and dyeing industry for vat dyes and azoic dyeing the pull white. Rubber industry for the manufacture of 4010 antioxidant. Cotton industry for the cotton wool scouring and wool fat.

Potassium carbonate is an important basic inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, light industry raw materials, mainly used in optical glass, welding, tube, TV picture tubes, light bulbs, printing and dyeing, dyes, inks, photographic drugs, sodium silicate, polyester, explosives, electroplating, leather, ceramics, building materials, crystal, potassium soap, and drug production. Used as gas adsorbents, dry powder, rubber antioxidant. Also used for removal of fertilizer synthesis gas carbon dioxide. Also be used as a potassium fertilizer. With the continuous development of high-tech, potassium carbonate and monosodium glutamate in the detergent, food and other fields is also widening.

Glass is mainly used for manufacturing potassium carbonate, potassium soap, and other inorganic chemicals, industrial gases and for removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in, but also for welding, ink manufacturing, printing and dyeing industry, etc..

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