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Content analysis of vanillin

Content analysis
Method: using UV absorption spectrophotometry analysis (see the GT-29).
Preparation of standard solution accurately take pharmaceutical reference standards vanillin is about 100mg, into a 250ml volumetric flask, constant volume, mixed with methanol. Take the solution 2.0ml, into a 100ml volumetric flask, constant volume with methanol and mix.
Preparation of sample solution was accurately weighed sample taken about 100mg, preparation method and the standard solution preparation of the same.
Operation to take the above solution were placed in a 1cm quartz pool determination of absorbance at maximum absorption wavelength of about 308nm. Calculated as vanillin (C8H8O3) in the sample content (X) (mg):
X = 12.5c (Au / As)
Where c - concentration of vanillin in the standard solution, μg / ml;
Au - the absorbance of the sample solution;
As - Standard absorbance of the solution.

Method 2: using non-polar column was determined by gas chromatography (GT-10-4).
Toxicity ADI 0 ~ 10mg/kg (FAO / WHO, 1994).
LD50 of 1.58g/kg (rat, oral).
MNL for 1g/kg (rat, oral).
GRAS (FDA, § 182.60,2000).
According to the EU Committee of Experts on February 24, 2000, large doses can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, or even damage the liver, kidney, it is to work out to reduce the allowed doses.

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