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The use of vanillin
1, used as a food flavor, Japanese fragrances, pharmaceutical intermediates.
2, is to obtain powder incense, beans Hong spices. Often the foundation incense. Can be widely used in almost all the flavor, violet, orchid, sunflower, oriental flavor. Can and Heliotropine isoeugenol benzyl ether, coumarin, musk combined doubles as a set of incense, modifiers and adhesives, can also be used to cover up bad breath. In the consumption of tobacco flavor wider, but also a larger amount of Vanilla beans, cream, chocolate, toffee flavor will spice.
3, vanillin is Chinas regulations allow the use of spices, can be used as a fixative agent, is the main raw material for the preparation of vanilla flavor. Can also be directly used in biscuits, cakes, candy, drinks and other food flavoring. The amount of need in the normal production, usually in the chocolate, 970mg/kg; chewing gum 270mg/kg; cakes, biscuits and in 220mg/kg; candy 200mg/kg; condiments 150mg/kg ~ cold 95mg/kg.
4 GB 2760 2011 regulations allow the use of food flavors. Widely used in the preparation of vanilla, chocolate, butter flavor, the amount of up to 25% ~ 30%, or directly used for biscuits, cakes, the amount of 0.1% to 0.4%, cold by 0.01% to 0.3%, candy 0.2% to 0.8% containing dairy products.
5, synthetic spices widely used in daily chemical products, for food, tobacco and alcohol use suitably refined. In the food industry with a large amount for the preparation of vanilla, chocolate, butter flavor, the amount of up to 25-30%, directly in cookies, cakes, and the amount of 0.1-0.4%, cold 0.01-0.3% 0.2-0.8%, candy containing dairy products. Used to analyze the chemical, the test protein aza indene, phloroglucinol and tannic acid. In the pharmaceutical industry for the production of antihypertensive drugs methyldopa, catechol drugs dopa, and white stop, the enemy bacteria net.
6, used as standard reagents of organic analysis
Methods of production of N, N-dimethyl aniline salt and sour into salt, sodium nitrite nitrification out of nitroso-N, N-dimethylaniline hydrochloride. With guaiacol, formaldehyde condensation in 41-43 ℃. Then extracted with benzene. The first distillation, recrystallization with benzene, and then a second distillation, water recrystallization. 50 ° C dry finished product. Sulfite pulp waste liquid containing the birch Bo alcohol structural units of lignin sulfonate under alkaline conditions, oxidation, hydrolysis and available vanillin. Raw material consumption (kg / t), guaiacol (98%) 1460 sodium nitrite 640N, N-dimethyl aniline (98%) of 974 hydrochloric acid (30%) 6000 formaldehyde (99%) 320

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