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Nutritional Analysis of Monosodium Glutamate
Nutritional Analysis
1. MSG no direct nutritional value to the human body, but it can increase the flavor of the food, causing people to appetite and help to improve the human food digestibility
2. The main component of sodium glutamate in MSG has the treatment of chronic hepatitis, hepatic coma, neurasthenia, epilepsy, achlorhydria and other diseases of the role.
Common name: monosodium glutamate. (C5H8NO4Na)
Nature: nature, Pickle.
Effects: tonic, appetizer, to aid digestion.
Yi Shi: suitable for nerve weakness, cerebral hypoplasia, schizophrenia patients with eating; suitable for hepatic coma recovering from severe liver insufficiency are edible; lack of appropriate gastric ulcer and gastric juice consumption; suitable for mental retardation and cerebral hemorrhage aftermath of the memory impairment consumption; made of food suitable for seizures and psychomotor; suitable for poor appetite, loss of appetite, eating; suitable for adding food will be cooked dish or soup.
Eat: add MSG avoid fever after long cooking. October 7, 2007 CCTV-news channel "Weekly Quality Report", Wu Xiaosong, nutrition experts, said: MSG main ingredients are sodium glutamate, to clarify the "MSG is absolutely no harm to human health".
Note: MSG chemical name sodium glutamate, also known as monosodium glutamate, is a kind of amino acids, the protein decomposition products. In alkaline solution, to generate glutamate, disodium, flavor, no. If the aqueous solution heated to 120 ° C, make some of the sodium glutamate dehydration to generate sodium pyroglutamate more flavor. According to the research; MSG can improve peoples appetite to increase the absorptive capacity of the human body to various other food, have a tonic effect on the human body. MSG contains a large number of glutamate, an amino acid needed by the body, 96% can be absorbed by the body, the formation of the protein in human tissues. It also combined with ammonia to form harmless to the body of glutamine, the lifting of the toxic effects of ammonia produced in the process of tissue metabolism. But also in brain protein metabolism and glucose metabolism, and promote the oxidation process, play a good role in the normal activities of the central nervous system. For this reason, has been reported to prevent hepatic coma, MSG 3 grams per serving three times a day; prevention and control seizures, 2 g daily for adults and children per year-old daily dose of 1 gram, 1 to 3 pm service; hypoplasia of the brain, l ~ 1.5 g daily dose per year-old, on the 1st 3 pm service. MSG is a widely used condiment, its photo in the human body can be decomposed into glutamic acid, tyrosine, and beneficial to human health.

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