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Monosodium glutamate correct choice
MSG is one of the indispensable condiment in the diet, but a little monosodium glutamate, also on health. For familys health can not ignore the scientific selection of the MSG.
(1) select the MSG, it is best to go to regular stores (field), the supermarket to buy a large-scale production of brand-name products.
(2) election MSG to choose the best crystal MSG, because so difficult to adulterate.
(3) in the purchase of MSG, be sure to choose crystal white uniform, no impurities, good fluidity, no caking, no other crystalline form of particles.
(4) contains salt, monosodium glutamate easily absorb moisture caking seal moisture in the daily storage, it is best placed in a dry and ventilated place.
The proper use of MSG
1. Dishes cooked with broth, do not use MSG. The broth itself has a fresh, fragrant, clear features, the use of MSG, will cover up the taste, the dishes taste nondescript.
2. Acidic dishes such as: sweet and sour vinegar leavened dishes, not to use monosodium glutamate. Because MSG difficult to dissolve in the acidic environment acidity the greater the solubility, the lower the worse the effect of the flavor of the.
3. In dishes containing basic raw materials should not use MSG, because MSG Alkalines synthesis of glutamic acid disodium salt, resulting in ammonia odor.
4. MSG should be used to master the usage, such as put on excessive make the dish bitter smell, causing the opposite effect, each dish should not exceed 0.5 mg.
5. MSG, should join in the pot when cooking use. Because at high temperatures, the MSG will break down as sodium pyroglutamate, dehydrated sodium glutamate, not only does not the flavor, but would also produce toxins harmful to human.

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