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The difference between MSG and chicken extract

The difference between MSG and chicken extract
MSG is an increase the flavor of the spices, stir-fries, stuffing, salad, soup, etc. can be used. Non-compliance with rules governing the use not only to reach the desired flavoring effect, and even produce side effects, the use of MSG in cooking which should pay attention to:

1. Should not add MSG, in acidic foods such as sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork. MSG is alkaline, add acidic foods can cause a chemical reaction, so that the dishes stale.
2. Raw materials containing alkaline should not use MSG, MSG Alkalines of synthesis of glutamate, disodium will produce ammonia smell, so that the flavor reduce, or even lose its flavor.
 3. Note salty extent. If too salty, MSG can eat no flavor, salt and MSG, the proportion of 3:1 or 4:1 range, you can achieve the rounded soft taste for salad are advised to dissolve before adding. Below this temperature, because the MSG solution temperature is 85 ℃, and MSG is difficult to decompose.
4. Broth, chicken, eggs, aquatic system out of the dishes do not have to recapture MSG.
5. Pregnant women and infants should not eat MSG, MSG may cause birth defects; the elderly and children should not eat. People with high blood pressure too much MSG makes blood pressure higher. Therefore, patients with hypertension not only to limit the intake of salt, but also strictly control the intake of MSG.
The same chicken with MSG, so it almost to the safety of MSG, the same should be noted that not long heated to high temperatures. The nucleotide composition of which the chicken is also susceptible to nucleotidase degradation recapture chicken, so when the best pot in the heated end.
 Cooking, if you add too much chicken, it will undermine the original food taste and affect the taste.

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