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Physiological activity of chitosan
Physiological activity
 1, control cholesterol
One of the biggest human health is cholesterol, which resulted in many serious diseases. The chitosan There are two mechanisms lower cholesterol. Prevent the absorption of fat and the other is within the human blood cholesterol excreted. First, chitosan inhibit the lipase activity of those who contribute to fat absorption. Lipase to break down fat makes the body to absorb. Another one is the excretion of bile acids. Once the bile acid excretion, cholesterol in the blood is used in the manufacture of bile acids. These two mechanisms makes chitosan a strong cholesterol scavenger. Chitosan is a natural material, with a strong anion adsorption to lower cholesterol without any side effects.
 2, inhibition of bacterial activity
Chitosan is easily dissolved in weak acid solvent and this solution is particularly amino (NH2). These amino through a combination of negative electron to inhibit bacteria. Inhibit bacterial activity of chitosan, it has been widely applied in other fields of medicine, textiles and food.
 3,Prevention and control of hypertension
Hypertension of the most influential factor is the chloride ion (cl). It is usually by salt intake. Recently, many people are excessive consumption of salt. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE: angiotensin Converting Enzyme) to produce angiotensin II, a cause vasoconstriction of the material, its vitality from the chloride ion. Polymer chitosan as dietary fiber, like play a role, not absorbed in the intestines. Adsorption between chitosan by the chloride ions and ammonia ions, excretion of chloride ions. Therefore, chitosan reduces angiotensin II. It helps prevent high blood pressure, especially those excess intake of salt people.
 4, absorption and excretion of heavy metals
Chitosan A significant feature is the adsorption capacity. Many low molecular weight materials such as metal ions, cholesterol, triglycerides, bile acids and organic mercury can be chitosan adsorption. In particular, chitosan can absorb not only magnesium, potassium, and adsorption of zinc, calcium, mercury and uranium. Chitosan adsorption activity can have a choice to play a role. Too high a concentration of these metal ions in the body is harmful. For example, copper ions (Cu2) in the blood concentration is too high will lead to copper poisoning, and even carcinogenic consequences. Has been shown that chitosan is an efficient chelate media. The adsorption capacity of chitosan depends on its degree of deacetylation. Degree of deacetylation greater the adsorption capacity.

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