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Dedicated chitosan and introduction
Dedicated chitosan
1, cosmetics chitosan
Cosmetics Chitosan has good moisture, moisturizing, conditioning, antibacterial function; applies moisturizer, shower gel, face cream, mousse, high-grade cream, lotion, colloidal cosmetics; to make up for the general shell glycans of the defect.
2, flocculant chitosan
Chitosan and its derivatives are good flocculation, to clarify the role. I plant the production of the flocculant chitosan, as a beverage clarifier enable suspended solids rapid flocculation, natural precipitation, increase the yield of liquid; in traditional Chinese medicine extract macromolecular protein, tannin and pectin The refined high purity active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine; adsorption of chitosan in water purification have good results can easily be removed with chitosan solution.
3,griculture, feed, bait Chitosan
Chitosan is a natural nutrition of the plant growth promoters - foliar fertilizer raw materials, fertilizer, made from chitosan complex with both insecticidal plants, disease resistance, played the role of fertilizer, but also decomposition of soil in plant and animal residues and trace metal elements, thus transformed into plant nutrients to enhance the plants immune system, promote the health of the plants; rich in protein, trace elements in shrimp shells, crab shells, animal ingestion and absorption, good nutritional value.
4, UTA (adsorbent) Chitosan
UTA Chitosan Chitosan series of processing through a special process; it can effectively absorb the protein, 40% higher than the general adsorption of chitosan.
5, for tobacco (smoke plastic) chitosan
The product and the tobacco uniformly mixed and adhesion to the surface of tobacco, can enhance the tensile strength, water resistance, bursting strength, not easily broken when the processing is suitable for modern high-speed cigarette making machine; the tobacco additives can make cigarettes burning significant performance enhancements, has to reduce the role of tobacco tar and nicotine content cigarettes mixed gas to reduce the harmful substances in the flue gas to reduce the smoke flavor is improved, the aroma is revealed; can effectively curb tobacco mildew, to extend tobacco Save time.

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