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Fruit and vegetable preservative chitosan
Fruit and vegetable preservative
Fresh fruits and vegetables, the main purpose is to keep fruits and vegetables until the shelf life after harvest to maintain a normal quality, taste, nutritional content and appearance, to improve its commodity value. With chitosan coating preservation, the film has a permeability, water resistance, can increase the penetration resistance of various gas molecules, the formation of a micro-atmosphere environment, the increase in carbon dioxide content in the fruit and vegetable tissues, The lower oxygen content, inhibition of the respiration metabolism and water loss, slowing the fruit and vegetable organization and structure of senescence, which effectively extend the fruits and vegetables postharvest life.
Chen Tian, fresh kiwi fruit with chitosan at room temperature results indicate that, at room temperature, the use of chitosan aqueous solution of fresh kiwi fruit, storage life can reach 70-80d, the control treatment only 10-13d. Wang Gang and other studies have shown that Kiwi film preservation, the molecular weight of chitosan preservation effect will also affect the effect of the viscosity at 100-to 300cp of chitosan viscosity above 1000cp.
The chitosan tomato fresh research results showed that chitosan can significantly slow down the tomatoes turn color, but also conducive to maintaining the firmness. The higher the concentration of chitosan, the better preservation. Chitosan for apple preservation studies have shown that the coating can prevent the decline of vitamin C in the storage, reduce the strength of Apples breathing and reduce post-harvest apple of membrane lipid oxidation. 2 percent modified chitosan coating in Lok Si Pei, citrus, apple surface, citrus, and stored at 30 ℃ week did not appear obvious scar, the other half the opposite. Chen and Strawberry after a period of 1% chitosan solution processing, superoxide dismutase and vitamin C content is still to maintain a high level.

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