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Chitosan environmental applications and development

Environmental applications
Chitosan chelate adsorption of many substances, the amino group in its molecule and adjacent to the amino-phase hydroxyl with many metal ions (such as of Hg2, Ni2 and Cu2, pb2, CA2 and Ag) to form a stable chelate for remediation of heavy metal waste water purification of water and hydrometallurgical separation of metal ions. Japan is the first use of chitosan treating wastewater each year amounted to 500; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the chitosan used for drinking water purification. In addition, chitosan through complexation and ion exchange, adsorption of dyes, proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids, enzymes, such as halogen, for dye wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industry, wastewater treatment, cleaning up the environment, protection human health.
The development

Chinas domestic formaldehyde and acetic anhydride as crosslinking agent, were prepared using chitosan as the parent chitosan gel LCM-X (LCM1, LCM2). And its properties. Less at home and abroad on chitosan and application reports. Preparation of LCM-X is neither soluble in water, dilute acid and alkali solution, not soluble in common organic solvents, but the LCM-X is a gel of the active groups (NH2), and has good mechanical strength and chemical stability excellent performance and need special treatment, that is, with the reactive groups (NH2), as well as its parent chitin resource-rich, low price, is a promising biological polymers. However, due to yet to find a suitable dispersant, resulting in the LCM-X failed to form particles of the products, applications restricted. This point needs further research to resolve.
Chinese at home and abroad hydrogel attaches great importance to the development of new hydrogel resources is one of the main tasks, the hydrogel has excellent biocompatibility, anticoagulant, absorbent swelling and good optical properties. Plays an important role in enzyme immobilization, cell separation, protein preparation, controlled drug release, manufacture, and artificial organs more exposed spin. In China and abroad to see detailed reports about the nature of the chitosan hydrogel, the preliminary nature of the China domestic only hydrogels were explored, and concluded that the hydrogel of methanol into the glue Gel imbibed RV value is inversely proportional to the strongest, cross chain degree of chitosan hydrogel. Research needs to be further carried out on chitosan.

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