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Collagen health food Panorama
Collagen health food Panorama
First, improve the immune function
The level of the bodys immune system is related to the living body molecules called immunoglobulin, such as lymphocytes and macrophages, immune cells when the intrusion of foreign bodies like the army general, would be foreign. Resistance, will be surrounded by foreign body swallowed even self-sacrifice in order to keep the body healthy immune cells is more strong, and the number is more than enough foreign enemies completely kill less, otherwise it will make the body sick.
There are many ways to enhance immune function, an effective way is to let the immunity protein and collagen binding, when the combination is complete, the bodys immune system is odious to add at least a hundred times more than immunity.
 When the immune cells throughout the body with the blood flowing through the through the vessel wall, close to the external foreign objects (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.), this site contains large amounts of collagen, immune cells and collagen in a timely manner, against the foreign body . Then a series of immune function to enhance the role of constantly enhance the overall immune function of macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells and immunoglobulin, and leaves the body resistance to increase.
 Second, the inhibition of cancer cell
Collagen, inhibition of cancer cell two ways, first is to enhance the human immune system to suppress cancer cell purposes. First, to prevent cancer metastasis.Cancer cells to be transferred to other organs, will be the first to organ depths mobile, through the departments collagen structure and reach the blood vessels, and further through the collagen structure of blood vessels, and then with the blood circulation, move to the other site. So if containing enough cancer cells organs, collagen, and the newly synthesized collagen and a organ deep synthesis of a solid defensive wall, the cancer cells would be difficult to break through this line of defense to be transferred. Immunoglobulin can be further in this case play a role in phagocytic cells, making cancer the gradual improvement, to improve.
Third, activation of cell functions
A total of more than 60 trillion cells in the human body, cell differentiation in the embryonic period, and finally the formation of various organs such as eyes, nose, heart, collagen protein can be secreted by cells in the differentiation of differentiated cells fully functional, such as the pancreas will secrete insulin, intestine, stomach secretes digestive enzymes, but there must be a collagen existence will be secreted role, if the lack of collagen, the cells can not play function, collagen and cell function activation are closely linked.

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