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The effect of collagen
The effect of collagen
Collagen is an extracellular protein, it is by three polypeptide chains twisted into a spiral fibrous protein collagen is the human body is the most abundant protein contains containing glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, accounting third of the total body protein aggregates.
1, collagen and hair
The key to the health of the hair is the basis of scalp hair subcutaneous tissue nutrition, is located in the dermal collagen is the nutrition supply station in the epidermis and epidermal appendages, epidermal appendages hair and nails. Lack of collagen, hair drying bifurcation, nails breaking easily, dark dull.
2, collagen and bone
70% -80% of the organic matter of bone collagen, bone formation, we must first synthesize sufficient collagen fibers to form the skeletal framework. Therefore, there is a bone called collagen in the bone. Has a strong resilience and elasticity of the collagen fibers, if a long bone incomparable into a concrete pillar, the collagen fiber is reinforced pillars framework, the lack of collagen, like the use of poor quality buildings reinforced the risk of broken in overnight.
3, collagen and muscle
Collagen than muscle tissue, the main constituent, collagen and muscle growth are closely related. For young people in the growth stage, collagen can promote the growth hormone secretion and muscle growth. For adults who want to stay in shape, the shape fit and strong muscles need to replenish collagen.
4, collagen and breast
The role of collagen on the breast has long been known. Breast mainly composed of connective tissue and adipose tissue composition, upright breasts largely rely on the connective tissue supporting the collagen is the main component of connective tissue, the collagen in the connective tissue, often associated with and proteoglycans are intertwined network structure, mechanical strength, support the body curve, reflecting the material basis of upright posture. "
Collagen and Weight Loss
To lose weight need to burn fat (catabolism), hydrolyzed collagen can make this catabolic process to increase and extend the burn more fat to achieve weight loss goals. And collagen on the cells repair function will consume a lot of heat, this function will consume a large amount of heat, this function must be carried out during sleep, therefore taking hydrolyzed collagen, sleep will be able to lose weight, easy weight loss dreams into reality .

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