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How to supplement the collagen
How to supplement the collagen
 The common way of the following categories:
 1) oral food containing collagen:
 For example, drink plenty of flesh and blood soup, rich in collagen oral collagen supplements and so on. The amount of the human digestive system to filter out a large part, and really can reach the skin and work is very limited, the process is relatively lengthy, the efficiency is low.
 2) direct use of the rich and promote collagen skin care products:
 This is the most effective collagen supplement, but attention must be skin care products containing active collagen ingredients in order to truly enter into the dermal layer to help skin repair, rebuild collagen layer.
 3) direct subcutaneous injection:
Mainly used to fill deep wrinkles, skin injury caused by defects (such as pock youth) and repair the defects of the face shape. Its immediate effects, but injected into the skin collagen protein gradually absorbed by the body, so their effectiveness can only be maintained six months to a year, and minority groups may appear allergies, infections and other side effects. Recommended to the professional-grade plastic surgery hospital for injection, in order to avoid accidents.

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