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Taking collagen should be noted
Taking collagen should be noted
1,the degradation of collagen molecules into the human body need for small peptides, amino acids can be absorbed by the body, the elements are not truly effective absorption.
2,most of these foods high in fat, not suitable for regular consumption. High-calorie, high fat, especially fried foods are easy to generate free radicals, accelerated aging. If you can eat this type of food, is equivalent to reducing the opportunity of the body free radical damage and skin spots, wrinkles and other risk.
3,Pregnant women can not take the collagen product, because collagen is composed of 19 kinds of amino acids, including several fetal absorption, easily lead to the development of the second characteristic of premature and mature, is not conducive to the growth of the infant after birth and development.
4,Collagen extracted from pigs, cattle can nourish the skin to maintain flexibility is not rough, but a lot of fat, the oral type of collagen is likely to be fat. Therefore recommend taking fish collagen, it does not contain fat, does not cause body fat. Technology is highly developed in Germany using advanced technology to produce the animal collagen does not contain any fat and purine. Not only high protein content, but the best and the affinity of the human body.

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