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Application status of the collagen
Application status of the collagen
1, Surgical collagen
Organisms have great potential for the polymer as an artificial skin or wound dressing. This product is mainly used for surgical hemostasis. Collagen can make blood clotting, coagulation, as a bleeding wound dressing and wound collagen in close connection with the infiltration of new organizations, which, as a stent cell growth. Separated from the brain and brain organization because the sponge-like collagen can absorb the cerebrospinal fluid, and no serious inflammation may be used as the breakage of the meninges to replace the material used.
2, oral collagen
Oral collagen variety of dosage forms: powder, oral liquid, capsules, etc..
3, had surgery collagen
Collagen the backfill therapy is an already confirmed by the clinical safety of the therapy, to treat facial wrinkles, scars, or facial skin defects. Cosmetic injection of collagen for soft tissue of the human face wrinkles, depression and scar correction has obvious effect, enable the patients to face a new look.
4, covering the wound collagen
Collagen and platelet function and produce the clotting phenomenon, rapid hemostatic bandage of collagen within 10-15 seconds to stop arterial bleeding, particularly effective in first aid and treatment of physical trauma. First aid to stop bleeding In addition to the pressure to the wound, without any effective way. This product is expected to enter the large first-aid materials, and military health care market.
5, anti-adhesions covering the material of collagen, hyaluronic acid
Used to prevent wound healing unnecessary organization sticky situation, in order to speed up the recovery in patients after surgery. Can be used in the implementation of the abdominal surgery patients, to prevent the small intestine obstruction. Can also be used in gynecological patients, reduce tissue adhesions, pelvic pain can be reduced to reduce the incidence of womens infertility.

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