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Collagen application in cosmetics
Collagen application in cosmetics
Protein is the most important substance of life, life is the existence of protein bodies. Its chemical composition, structure, and determine its suitability as a cosmetic basis of this features.
1, wrinkle-free:
 The composition of the collagen skin care products for a comprehensive protein structure, can effectively increase used in beauty products
Speed the growth of the dermal layer cells, activation of epidermal cells and maintain skin elasticity and firmness, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, make skin healthy and beautiful, showing a detailed and transparent.
2, Moisture:
Added to cosmetics because of the similarity of the structure of collagen and the skin stratum corneum, collagen, and skin have a good affinity and compatibility, can penetrate into the skin, the epidermis, to form a coating to protect the skin, giving skin moisture flexibility to promote its pore contraction and meticulous; and combined with water in the stratum corneum to form a mesh structure, lock in moisture to be absorbed through the skin, played the role of natural moisturizing factor, make the skin plump, wrinkles and stretch, to effectively prevent aging .
3, cleansing:
Collagen and protein of the human skin, promoting absorption, moisture and form a protective layer, making the skin more moisturizing silky.
4 Maintenance:
Currently taking collagen skin deep conservation has become fashionable in Europe and the United States. Collagen as an oral skin care products, plays a different role in different segments at different levels of skin conservation and care for the different structure and composition of the skin, the skin-depth.
5, whitening:
 Skin collagen is the main ingredient in the skin, accounting for more than 72% of the protein content in the skin cells. A recent study reported that 25% of women over the skin Central Plains and some skin collagen gradually decreased, so that the skin lack of moisture and becomes dry, lack of flexibility, coupled with life is stressful, mental stress, environmental pollution and direct the suns ultraviolet radiation, so that cell oxidation to produce free radicals, and promote the further aging of the skin. General make-up mouth can only achieve the effect of a temporary solution to real skin care, must start from regulating their own internal, from the inside out maintenance.
6, and repair:
Medical collagen injected into the depressed skin defect, not only has the support of filling the role, but also induced by the surgeons own tissues to build gradually generate the new organization will be jointly coordinated with the surrounding normal skin, and thus play an orthopedic role, but also to light less the patients physical pain.

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