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Collagen application in food materials
Collagen application in food materials
1. Used for the manufacture of casings and other food packaging materials
Sausage, ham, sausage casings and frozen, smoked chicken, fried meat packing membrane collagen used for the manufacture of casings and other food packaging materials, the collagen membrane with oxygen barrier, blocking the oil, water blocking, and can carry antioxidants and antibacterial carrier, and incense and other functions; in addition, during the heat treatment, with the evaporation and melting of water and oil, collagen is almost consistent with the shrinkage of the meat.
2. food additives
Collagen for food additives, soft texture, the taste is light, easy to digest, strong hydrophilic properties, is rich in protein nutrition source. According to the research, by changing the raw materials and dissociation of the collagen polypeptide, but also so that it has the effect of beauty care.
3. for the use and development of food materials
The collagen material has good film forming ability and hydrophilic, tight spiral structure and the presence of crystalline regions, but also gives it a certain degree of thermal stability, these properties make collagen for food with other materials irreplaceable superiority.

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