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Red Yeast Rice basic introduction
Red Yeast Rice
Red yeast rice (also known as Dan song) is a traditional medicine, food and dual-use items, history of use in China has been the Millennium, pharmacy masterpiece, "Compendium of Materia Medica" Valley, twenty-five volumes of records: red yeast rice sweet, warm, non-toxic, attending the digestion of blood, spleen and dry stomach, and governance red white diarrhea water in the valley. Wine, expelling crude drug trend. Red yeast rice and red yeast rice is the international use of the natural pigment in the microbial mass production, the factory produced a series of specifications of red yeast rice using high-quality early as rice, through a unique fermentation process to control the fermentation the parameters, the proportion of different shades of pigment in the regulation of metabolite get red yeast rice red pure, crushed, sterilization, packaging made the product has many years of export experience, product color and price stability, pure tone, quality stability, by the praise of foreign businessmen, the factory can provide different specifications of the red yeast rice products.
1 Red or dark red powder, insoluble in water, glycerol.
2 With excellent dyeing performance, especially for the performance of protein staining.
3 good thermal stability, but unstable in direct sunlight.
4 stable calcium, magnesium, ferrous, copper and other metal ions.
 Quality specifications:
Color value 1000,1500,2000,2500, 3000,4000
Loss on drying ≤ 6%
Residue on ignition ≤ 5%
Citrinin ≤ 0.2ppm
Heavy metals <5 ppm,
Aflatoxin B1 ≤ 5PPM
Widely used in the coloring of the meat sauce, sausage, spices, fermented bean curd, the effect is extremely ideal. Safe non-toxic, there are health effects, the coloring does not cost, easy to use.

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